Friday 2 June 2017

14 reasons a staycation is better than going abroad!

Heading off on holidays to exotic destinations thousands of miles away is all very well, but if we're being honest, choosing to holiday at home is looking awfully appealing all of a sudden. 

From awe-inspiring walks to some of the best beaches in Europe, the UK is the place to holiday in 2017.  

So gather the family, pack up the car with everything you need, and hit the road for a staycation to discover for yourself just what makes Britain so great.

1) Walking wonderland (Find accommodation using

No matter what the weather, the vast and diverse British countryside is a real natural beauty.

Walking and hiking are some of the best ways to get a good look at the vistas and views which make this country so impressive.

Why not get the family out in the fresh air and head to Cumbria, where the morning light illuminates the lakes on The Coniston Round 15-mile trek?

Or how about a wander through the Edale Skyline in the Peak District, a rugged landscape that will grab the attention of the most jaded teen!  

2) Beautiful beaches (Find accommodation using

Who needs the Bahamas when Blighty's beaches are some of the most stunning in the world?

From the Gold Award-winning Woolacombe beach in Devon - a three-mile long stretch of golden sand revered for its water quality - to the jewel of the south coast that is Porthmeor in St. Ives, nowhere does a seaside holiday like the UK.

We have a plethora of beautiful beaches to enjoy, from the endless dunes and dramatic skies of the North Norfolk coast to the golden sands of south Devon and the fabulously isolated Scottish coastline - perfect for beach games and barbecues for everyone to enjoy.

3) History (Find accommodation using

When it comes to a little bit of history, there's a lot to choose from during a staycation.
From the awe-inspiring wonder of a lost world at Stonehenge to the remnants of the Roman invasion with Hadrian's wall, Britain boasts thousands of years of stories, traditions and tales. 

Why not hop in the car and head to the riverside town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, the hometown of Shakespeare. Mingle with the crowds as you learn all about the Elizabethan playwright who is still as popular around the world as he was almost 500 years ago.

4) Awe-inspiring adventure (Find accommodation using

Whether you're an adventurous couple or a family of thrill-seekers, staying in Britain is in no way boring.

Why not pull the kids away from their iPads and head to one of the UK's fast-flowing rivers for a day of rafting and tubing. Try the Dee in Wales for some adrenaline-pumping wet 'n' wild fun.

Or why not explore Britain's National Parks the old fashioned way and head out on a horse hack. 

From Devon to Yorkshire and the Highlands, you can enjoy family group pony treks and trail riding and learn the ropes together.

Or alternatively, a great way to see the natural beauty of the parks, as well as for the family to spend some quality time together, is by bike. 

5) Great grub (Find accommodation using

Who needs tapas and tortilla when we are surrounded by some of the most delicious delicacies around?

Who can resist a warm Cornish pasty while taking in the sights of St Ives, fish and chips on the beach in Dorset, fresh oysters with a glass of fizz in Whitstable or a relaxing roast in a quirky pub in the Lake District?

One of the joys of a staycation is discovering the deliciously different foods around our beautiful country. Whether it's pasties in Cornwall or tablet (a delicious sort of Scottish fudge) north of the border, a picnic's just the ticket. 

6) Picturesque villages (Find accommodation using

Most of us have been drawn to the cities and suburbs, but when all's said and done, we are a country of villagers. The local pub, the green, the tiny Post Office selling sweets - nothing makes us feel more British than a stroll around a quaint spot untouched by time.

Why not take in the cute scene in Burnham Market, Norfolk, which boasts beautiful Georgian houses situated around a green with a host of craft shops and eateries.

Or how about the home of Captain James Cook? Staithes in North Yorkshire is a hidden gem worthy of Popeye. Nestled in a cove, the area is steeped in history and the perfect place to eat fresh seafood. You can even charter a boat with a local fisherman and get the catch of the day yourself!

7) Weird and wonderful traditions (Find accommodation using

From Nettle Eating contests in Dorset to Cheese Rolling in Gloustershire, us Brits are a brilliantly barmy bunch.

You could take the family to watch the clucking mad World Hen Racing Championship in Derbyshire or make a splash as you cheer on the contestants of the Bog Snorkelling in Powys.

Of course, you can't miss out on one of our greatest traditions, Morris Dancing. Nothing brings the pure joy of watching the hopping, skipping and stick-waving of this ancient ritual, best to see around the villages of Cotswolds and Welsh borders. 

8) Fuss-free travel (Find accommodation using

Ok, so our roads seem to be constantly having work done on them, but in comparison to some of our Continental neighbours, our motorways and A-roads are seriously smooth operators.

And the best thing about the UK being delightfully small is it doesn't take forever and a day to get anywhere - making it the perfect road trip hotspot.  

Make sure you're road ready. Check your bulbs, tyre pressure, battery, oil, wiper blades and air con and top up your screenwash then embark on your next staycation. 

9) Have a wheely good time (Find accommodation using

The rugged terrain across the UK makes it one of the best places for cycling.

Whether it's a gentle ride with the family or some seriously leg-spinning mountain-biking, Britain boasts some epic trails. 

From purpose-built paths to even disused railway lines, get off the sofa and on your bike this summer. 

10) Remember why Blighty is so great (Find accommodation using

From our sense of humours to the array of accents you'll encounter, having a staycation means you'll be reminded of just what makes Britain great.

From the quirky characters in the local villages and the aristocrats who open their doors at an English country estate to the laughing landlords at the quirky pubs you'll refresh at after a brisk walk, nowhere will you meet so many diverse types that make this wacky wonderland unique.

11) Take your furry friends (Find accommodation using

When jetting off on your jollies, there's the best friends to think about.

No, not that gang you call your mates, we're talking about the furry friends who are part of the family.

Save on the costs of kennels or the panic of persuading friends to look after your pets by taking them along! But make sure you pick up a dog guard or seat belt first, so you can keep them safe and happy in the back while you drive.

Take a look at the dog friendly properties on

12) Recharge your batteries (Find accommodation using

From the pre-beach diet, to the endless packing and organising your troop in the airport to constantly slapping on the sun factor - far flung holidays are exhausting! 

But with a staycation, you'll be at your destination in a mere few hours and can get straight to relaxing.

Fresh air, great views and some time away from work means you'll really feel refreshed - and your immune system won't have to deal with the stresses and bugs of being stuck on a plane!

13) Get back to nature (Find accommodation using

With our phones constantly clasped in our hands to binge-watching the latest box set, it seems we never truly switch off anymore.

With a staycation you can strip everything back and enjoy the simple life again.

Unplug the technology and get reconnected as friends and family - you'll head home feeling as good as new!

14) The weather isn't that bad! (Find accommodation using

Ok, so we don't have the most predictable climate, but when the sun is shining here, there's no where more beautiful. 

Anyway, walking in the countryside when it's drizzling can be invigorating (and makes that pub visit at the end all the better) but if you really want to catch some rays, the best place to head is Cornwall. 

Thanks to that warm Gulf Stream it is the only place in the UK that is sub-tropical.

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