Tuesday 30 July 2019

Family Beach Games

With summer in full swing, this is the perfect time to spend hours on the beach.
A holiday by the sea will be great fun for the whole family.
We have compiled a list of fantastic games to play on your next coastal staycation.

1. Sand Hopscotch.

Items needed – Stick, pebbles or shells.

Use a stick or a pebble to draw a hopscotch grid in the sand and use small pebbles or shells as markers. Hours of fun for the whole family!

2. Dig Deep.

Items needed – Timer/watch and a spade.

Set a time of five minutes and see how far down the kids can dig in this time. The child with the deepest hole at the end of the five minutes wins. Don’t forget to fill in the holes when you have finished playing to avoid accidents.

3. Water Race.

Items needed – Buckets, shells or spades and a timer.

Set buckets down in a row for each person playing. Use shells or spades to carry water. Each person needs to run to the edge of the sea, fill their receptacles and carefully carry their cargo back to the bucket and tip it in. The aim of the game is to have the most water in the bucket at the end of the chosen time.

4. Water Ball.

Items needed – Beach ball and water pistols.

Draw two lines in the sand approximately 6 – 10 feet apart. Set a beach ball for each player on one line. Give each player a water pistol. The aim of the game is to squirt the ball with the water pistols and get it to move towards the opposite line and cross over it. If you run out of water, you need to run to the sea for a refill. The winner is the first person to get their beach ball over the line.

5. Build a Sandman.

Items needed – Anything for decoration.

Do you love building snowmen? Well, how about building a sandman? Wet some sand with sea water so you can mould it and build a sandman just like you would build a snowman. Collect treasures from the beach, for example, shells, pebbles, feathers and seaweed to decorate your creation. Don’t forget to take a photo to add to your holiday memories.

We hope we have given you some great ideas to use on your next trip to the beach. 
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