Thursday 28 June 2018

5 Top Tips for Your Next Self Catering Holiday!

5 Top Tips for Your Next Self Catering Holiday!

Holidays are something that we all look forward to, whether heading to the seaside, the city, or the countryside, and with a partner, family or friends. Self catering is hugely popular, as it offers a great opportunity to live a different life for the duration of your break! To make your next break as relaxing & stress-free as possible, here are our top 5 tips for self catering breaks:

Order a supermarket food delivery

Don’t worry about packing a car load of food, or finding a supermarket on the way! Most supermarkets offer home delivery nowadays, and you can schedule the delivery for when you know you’ll have arrived. If you’re travelling as a large group or meeting others there, this can be a great way to save money too as you can ensure not to buy any ‘doubles’ and it makes splitting the cost even easier.

Prepare for the weather

In an ideal world, holiday weather would always be exactly what we wanted. Don’t let it spoil your fun if it’s hotter, colder or wetter than anticipated! Pack an umbrella, wellies & waterproofs and you can still enjoy the outdoors in the rain! Kids love jumping in puddles, so let them get on with it knowing that there’s plenty of clean, dry clothes back at your cottage. It might also be wise to plan a few rainy day activities so that you can still head out & enjoy your time. Sun hats, sunglasses & plenty of lotion are a must during the summer months – too much sun can easily ruin your holiday if you’re not prepared, so make sure everyone is ready for it!

Check what’s included

No matter how many self catering holidays you’ve been on, different properties include different things & you don’t want to get caught out! If you’re heading to a coastal property, are beach towels included? What about fishing nets, or buckets and spades? Is there a picnic basket available, or a BBQ? Not only can you ensure you have everything you need by planning ahead, but you can save valuable packing space by not bringing anything extra!

Plan your journey

It might sound obvious, but don’t let the journey stress you out! If you’re travelling at a busy time, take into account the traffic & leave with plenty of time. Bring plenty of snacks with you to save money at expensive service stations. Audiobooks can make the time pass quicker on long car journeys, and can be enjoyed by all ages. For music lovers, buy a new CD or make a new playlist to keep the journey interesting. A great tip for kids is to surprise them with toys or colouring books at different stages of the journey! – nobody can complain that they’re bored this way!

Bring some little extras

A few little extras can make all the difference when you’re on holiday, and can be great treats without breaking the bank. New books or DVDs for the kids can be a godsend if they can’t play outside, or some outdoor toys for better weather. If you’re going on a relaxing break, why not buy a face mask or a new bubble bath? A couple of candles can make a romantic break extra special, as can a bottle of your partner’s favourite wine! 

Have we missed out any of your favourite tips? Let us know!

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