Tuesday, 12 May 2015

www.southlakessafarizoo.com South Lakes Safari Zoo “Brilliant opportunity to get really close to a huge range of animals at a reasonable cost.”


Over 1,000 of the rarest, most endangered animals in a unique natural environment enable the visitors to get as close as physically possible, to experience the sights, sounds and a few smells, of these amazing creatures we share our planet with.

“Brilliant opportunity to get really close to a huge range of animals at a reasonable cost.”

Over  300,000 annual visitors wander amongst kangaroos, wallabies & emus; are amazed as free flying macaws soar overhead; interact with free roaming lemurs, squirrel monkeys & cotton topped tamarins; bravely venture in where condors and vultures fly free; watch big cats including tigers, lions & jaguars hunt for their lunch; hand feed giraffes, penguins & lemurs every day .

The park is a member of the European Association of Zoos & Aquaria and bills itself as one of the best conservation zoos in the country, with a number of registered charities based in there.

In 2015, the park is undergoing a multi-million pound expansion, which involves the introduction of African elephants for the first time.

The zoo was opened by David Gill and his family on converted farmland. Construction started in 1993 and the park was officially opened on 28 May 1994.

Until recently it was the only zoo in Britain to hold both Siberian tigers and Sumatran tigers. It has successfully bred the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger.

In 2008, the park celebrated one of the biggest births in its history - white rhino Nyala born on 1 June 2008. Zimba, born on 11 September 2008, was the second White Rhino born at the park.

The zoo has been awarded the "Top Attraction for Excellence in the Lake District” 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2008 by Cumbria Tourist Board and is one of the few parks to let many species of primates including the 8 species of Lemur roam free around the park.

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