Friday, 13 March 2015 Walnut Lakes, Algarkirk, Fosdyke, Lincolnshire
Walnut Lakes offers adult only self catering holiday lodges in the town of Algakirk, Lincolshire. 
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Walnut Lakes, Algarkirk, Fosdyke, Lincolnshire 
The two lodges, Walnut Lakes and Daisy Lake are within walking distance of Fosdyke and are a short drive from Skegness. The self catering lodges are a short distance from the local shops, garage and restaurants.
The self catering lodges are set in an area where you will find all sorts of migrating birds flying over. On site, ducks, rabbits, hares, water voles, barn owls, woodpeckers and kingfishers have been seen. 

The Lincolnshire sunsets and early sunrise offers a daily, special view across the flat farmlands. The Holiday lodges are the perfect location to see this spectacular view. 
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